3 Runners Pallet

3 Runners Pallet

This pallet is ideal for a high speed automated environment; its consistent weight and dimensions allow for compatibility with a variety of material handling systems.

Product Details

1. The 3 runners pallet has 4-way entry 1000 x 1200 mm ISO 9-block, full perimeter plastic pallet is a truly unique materials handling product. The 3 runners pallet is designed for static or non-exchange applications with particular emphasis on HACCP environments and the food packaging industry.

2. Advantage Of 3 runners plastic pallet

· Round corner design to prevent bumping;

· Bottom reinforcement of pallet;

· Anti-skid design of pallet;

· Mesh hollow-out design; 

3. Product feature:


3 runners pallet 

Size1200*1000*150 mm
15 kgs
Dynamic load1t
Static load4t

Non-slip mats 




Compare with wood pallets,  rack used plastic pallet last longer and be more Eco-friendly. Because they last longer than wood pallets, plastic pallets end up requiring fewer resources. And because they’re recyclable, plastic pallets greatly reduce the amount of waste your company produces. Recyclable plastic pallets don’t end up in landfills, and they reduce your disposal and landfill costs.

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