Plastic Pallet for Racking

Plastic Pallet for Racking

Plastic pallets are an exceptional addition to any business which does a lot of shipping.
Not only are they sturdy and dependable, but they’re ideal for quickly transporting a large amount of product at once; they’re great for moving onto trucks or train cars in rapid succession.

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Benefits of Plastic Pallets for Racking

In the last few decades, companies have converted from wood pallets to plastic pallets because they are quickly recognizing the economic, ergonomic and environmental benefits that they offer:


Plastic Pallet for Racking Detail

Pallet Dimension.png


Type:perforate deck
Bottom Support:single  sides
forkliftOKsteel bars reinforcement4-8 steel bars
Dimension(mm)Load Capacity(KGS)QTY/Container
LWHDynamicStaticRacking20' GP40'GP40'HQ


Economic - In a closed loop system, plastic pallets for racking make a tremendous number of trips before being recycled.  On a cost per trip basis, they represent great savings over wood pallets.  They rapidly realize their initial investment and continue to perform during the course of their service life.

Ergonomic - Plastic pallets provide a safe and comfortable handling solution, which improves workplace safety.  They are dimensionally stable, consistent in weight and non-porous.  In some cases, they are lighter than wood and their smooth and contoured construction is free of nails, splinters and rust.

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