rackable plastic pallet

rackable plastic pallet

Rackable Plastic Pallets are designed to be used in a variety of unsupported racking systems to store product and optimize valuable storage and floor space. Their strength makes them valuable in many heavy-duty operations. They are reliable and designed to be safely and securely stored on racks.

Product Details

Rackable Plastic Pallets

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Type:Euro pallet
Bottom Support:three skids
forkliftOKhandlift ok

Dimension(mm)Load Capacity(KGS)QTY/Container
LWHDynamicStaticRacking20' GP40'GP40'HQ

Rackable plastic pallet are produced and used widely in the U.S. and Europe, spurred by the adoption of the ISPM 15. A full comparison of wood vs plastic can be made by a life cycle analysis. Plastic pallets can cost 10 times as much as hardwood pallets and even more expensive compared to cheap expendable softwood pallets.

RFID chips can be molded into the pallets to monitor locations and track inventory.This single faced style pallet with 3 runners is impressive for its racking usage. Due to efficient design of the pallets, they bear upto 1200 kg in high racks. Precise dimensions and design increase process reliability in racking systems.

Production&Packaging&Shipping for rackable plastic pallet

Pallet Production&Test&Stock&Loading.jpg


What’s great about these rackable Standard plastic pallets?

Ideal Size – Fits precisely into Standard racking systems in your warehouse

Stackable – Easy stacking up to 6 high

Local/Economic – Available in the major ports

Environmentally Friendly – Can be completely recycled and available in recycled material

Clean – Can be washed, steamed and scrubbed to suit any type of product

Safe to Handle – Smooth (no splinters), easy to grip and fitted with anti-slip rubber stops

Flexible – Choice between plastic only and steel reinforced to cover all your storage and transport needs

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