Plastic Package Pallet Storage Pallet

Plastic Package Pallet Storage Pallet

Rack use Pallet , 1200*1000*150mm Single Face Pallet Pallet, 1000*1000*150mm Size Blue or Black Color Plastic Pallet. Vented deck. Single faced. Dynamic load 1000-1500kg, Static load 4000-6000kg.

1200x1000 mm HDPE open deck 1 ton plastic pallet prices 


Product Description

Foldable Large Container ,plastic pallet bin , plastic pallet bin , Folding Box Pallet, Folding Box Pallet, Foldable Large Container crate, Collapsable Bulk Box, Plastic Foldable Large Contain

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item3 skids rackable plastic pallet
dynamic load 1500kg
static load 6000kg
rack load 1000
warranty 3 year


Pallet Feature

  • Made of high-density virgin polyethylene for long life

  • Four-way entry offers convenient all side entrance, 2-way by pallet truck and 4-way by a fork truck

  • Anti-slide grommets prevent pallets from sliding off the forks

  • Innovative design offers the essential product features of capacity and versatility


Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets

Our HDPE Injection molded Rackable Plastic pallets are used for Racking application in various industries. These pallets are made up from High Quality Polyethylene material by injection molding process. These pallets are also available with steel reinforcement design, which can be suitable for

  • Heavy Load racking application.

  • Long life cost effective

  • Single piece Molding

  • Available in different sizes & color Recyclable

  • High Load bearing capacity up to 5 ton in static & 1.5 ton in Dynamic & Racking load

  • Chemical Resistant Compatible with all standard handling equipment



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