Warehouse Pallet Rack HDPE Material plastic pallet

Warehouse Pallet Rack HDPE Material plastic pallet

Product Details Key Specifications/Special Features: Quick information: palletPlace of origin: Bazhou, China (Mainland) palletType: selective pallet rack palletMaterial: stainless steel palletFeature: corrosion protection palletUses: industry, supermarket, store, warehouse palletCertification:...

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Product Details

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Key Specifications/Special Features:
Quick information:
Place of origin: Bazhou, China (Mainland)
Type: selective pallet rack
Material: stainless steel
Feature: corrosion protection
Uses: industry, supermarket, store, warehouse
Certification: CE
Depth: client oriented
Weight capacity: 220kg/layer
Width: flexible palletHeight: flexible
Usages: warehouse rack, supermarket rack, industry rack
Feature: corrosion protection
Materials: steel, Q235
Finish treatment: electrostatic powder coating
Operation: by forklift or stacker
Size: customized design
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Pallet racks:
palletUsed for storage of all kinds of materials, it is standardized produced with high stability and anti-corrosion characteristics
palletShelf can be added and decreased as the user requests, it is much more flexible than other shelves, with some screws or connectors, you can make it either longer or higher without any sharp edges, which make it safe for the users
palletHoles punched are in great accordance, you can see the light through one 2 square mm hole with ten or more racks put together
palletNo need for the users to worry that the feet of it maybe different height palletThere are no fixed specification for the length, with and height of the shelves, the users can order or cut the shelves easily for personal space or needs palletEach level of Huayu shelf can shoulder 230 kg or above, which is about 170% or more the bearing capacity of other brands of shelfs, it is because of Huayu's special design of its four strengthening ribs under every board
palletAll the racks and shelf's produced in Huayu racks are purely green
palletIts unique silanization make the color and surface perfect for environmental protection needs