Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable Plastic Pallets

A rackable pallet is engineered to be able to hold a specified amount of weight in an open span racking system. Shown below, an open span rack has a front bar and a back bar and nothing in between. Rackable pallets may also be used in an edge rack where the pallet is supported by both side edges.

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Rackable Plastic Pallets

If you are going to ship heavy product load then simply go for rackable plastic pallets.

The design architecture of rackable plastic pallets is stronger than the stackable plastic pallets.

The rackable plastic panels are best suited for long distant shipping as well as for the complex returnable environment.



The reason for this bare construction is that rackable pallets are designed to fit squarely on those beams, which allows for their easy, safe and efficient placement and removal by forklifts and jacks.

The base of a given rackable plastic pallet determines what kind of storage rack it is suited for. Many plastic pallet bases feature leg designs that allow for the easiest entry by forklift attachments. They usually feature four legs at the corners of the pallet frame, one leg in the middle of the pallet and one leg placed at the middle of each of the pallet’s sides.



This construction allows for forklift access from any side, though forklift operators must be especially careful when racking this kind of pallet. Other varieties feature pallets with “picture frame” bases, which are completely flat on the top and bottom surfaces but feature hollow channels in their middles for forklift access.

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