Full Perimeter plastic Pallet

Full Perimeter plastic Pallet

These full perimeter plastic pallets are a superior choice for automation and repeated use. As such, this makes them the most widely used type of pallet.

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Full Perimeter plastic Pallet

Do you need a Full Perimeter plastic Pallet to stack cargoes ? This type is suitable and sturdy. How much dynamic load and static load do you need? What size do you like? We have more.

Full Perimeter plastic Palletstacking plastic pallet

full perimeter plastic pallet
Loadstatic load 4t, dynamic load 1t
Usestacking use with cargoes, racking use

Full Perimeter plastic Pallets are usually heavy duty because of required load capacities. The added weight comes from the additional structure on the under side of the pallet. Used primarily for in-house or captive environments, plastic rackable pallets are available in both open and closed decks.

Please check the below model and advise which size do you prefer? Thank you.

pallet catelogue

Full Perimeter plastic Pallet use 6-runner and full perimeter bottom decks for supporting loads in a variety of stacking systems including beam, edge, roller, push-back, cantilever and support.

Full Perimeter plastic Pallet has a vented top and a full perimeter base and is designed as an industrial quality, heavy duty pallet that is suitable for use in pallet stacking systems and with forklifts. 

Full Perimeter plastic Pallet is manufactured from a strong and durable, polyethylene material and is well suited for use within heavy duty, industrial applications. The recommended weight loadings for this plastic pallet are a static capacity of 5000 kg, a dynamic capacity of 2500 kg and a rackable load capacity of 1250 kg.

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