Industrial use six runners plastic pallet for sell

Industrial use six runners plastic pallet for sell

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Product Details

Industrial use six runner plastic pallet for sell

1. Product description


Product name:1210TW-D -2

Structure:vented deck, six skids pallet, 4way entry

2. Product material

HDPE+zinc coated steel bars
3. Product weight


4. Load capacity

Static load 6000kg

Dynamic load 1500kg

rack load 1250kg

5. Dimension  (mm)


6 . Product feature.

6.1double color anti-slip mats

New plastic + elastomer anti-slip mats,with good  abrasion resistance and anti-slip effect,avoid normal anti-slip smelly,bad anti-slip ,falling off problems.


6.2 deck anti-slip

8 anti-slip mats on the deck to avoid goods slidding


6.3 forklift anti-slip

inner side place where contact with forklift, stack machine, hand jack  fork to have good anti-slip effect


6.4、anti-slip on bottom

4 anti-slip on the runners to avoid slidding on ground, racks and pallet stacks


6.5 pallet corner protection

The corner protection design is used to protect the embossing logo, printing and rfid info from damage


6.6 pallet strength


Build zinc coated bars,bars on deck and runners in cross position,4 steel bars on deck ,4 steel bars on runners to guarantee the high quality of the pallet. 

6.7 scree design to fasten steel bars

The plug for steel bars designed to be fasten by self-tapping screws to avoid plug falling off,steel falling down and hurt workers

图片10.png    图片11.png     图片12.png


5 designed RFID area with cover to protect the RFID








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