Three Runners Plastic Pallet

Three Runners Plastic Pallet

Deriving their name from the three parallel structures underneath the top deck, three-runner plastic pallets are technically skids due to the lack of a bottom deck. The three runners may either be notched to enable four-way entry or left solid, in which case only two-way entry is possible.

three runners plastic pallet

size 1200*1000*150 mm 

weight 22±0.5 kg, with 8 steel tubes

static load 6000 kg, dynamic load 1500 kg, racking load 1500 kg

customized color and silk print logo is available

Simply put, a plastic pallet’s form is its shape, which affects how the pallet is handled and used. Pallets may be designed to be stacked on top of each other when they are fully loaded in order to make efficient use of transportation or may be designed to nest inside each other so that they take up very little space when empty. 

pallet with 3 runners

yellow pallet with 3 runner

Frequently, industry-specific pallets like those listed above are used only at certain stages of the supply chain, while ISO standard pallets are used at other points in the supply chain. Auto parts, for instance, may ship from one factory to another on an automotive pallet, but those same parts will be shipped to a retail store on a more common 48×40-inch pallet designed to fit neatly into a truck. 

pallet with 3 runner

plastic pallets

Pallets measuring at least 1200 mm (47 inches) are standard for consumer-facing supply chains in North America, Europe, and, increasingly, in Asia. Smaller pallet sizes are confined to internal markets in Asia and Australia or used for industry-to-industry trade. Industry-to-industry shipments use non-standardized pallets in a dizzying array of sizes, types, and forms. Some industries, such as the beverage industry, use a non-standard pallet size for their internal logistics, but pack their products onto a GMA standard pallet for shipments to grocery retail partners. When choosing plastic pallets for your company, opting for a standard-sized pallet and using equipment that works with it at every point in your supply chain can simplify your company’s logistics operations.

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