Two-drums Oil Tray

Two-drums Oil Tray

size 320*680*150mm, weight 17kgs, volume 80L, static loads1.5tons, dynamic load 0.6tons

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Wholesale two-drums oil tray used for middle East oil Industry



COLORblack and yellow
LOADstatic load1.5t, dynamic load0.6t
ENTRY 2 way entry forklift
USEsupport 2 drums



Enlightening Industry provides a range of drip trays for use with 25 liters and other size drums. These provide a safe bunded environment for your oil, chemical and other liquid drums.

Drip trays can also be placed under machinery; including generators and manufacturing equipment to collect any drips and prevent them from spreading across the flooring.

The use of drip trays help maintain a safe working environment, prevent the spread of spills and possible damage to flooring. By containing liquids within the drip tray clean up time is significantly reduced.

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If you are oil industry or need store liquid bins, pls contact us. 

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